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Untuk LELAKI dan SUAMI menjadi HEBAT

Posted by Therapist on September 9, 2008

Ginseng Maca Candy Formula 193 For Vitality 

FORMULA 193 Ginseng Maca Candy
(improves sexual functions for men and women)
Energy for men, beauty for women, the way to IMMUNITY and GOOD HEALTH
Natural Formula, free from hazardous chemicals and heavy metals
Feel the difference….The best can be satisfied only by the best.

FORMULA 193 Ginseng Candy
Formula 193 Ginseng Candy is manufactured under stringent control using latest scientific technique; to extract the essence of Ginseng and Maca, blended with fructose and pectin. FORMULA 193 Ginseng Candy maintained a unique flavour of Ginseng with a slight bitter taste of Maca and a tint of sweetness from fructose and Pectin; leaving a memorable taste in the mouth. By using quality American Ginseng, Peru Maca; controlled extraction of the essence and blending both in correct proportion; FORMULA 193 Ginseng Candy triumph over competitors and preferred by many as natural alternative to promote health, blood circulation, improves vitality and resists fatigue. If you are looking for a healthy, natural and nutritional product to boost your energy and improve endurance then Formula 193 Ginseng Candy is definitely for you.

Formula 193 Ginseng Candy benefits for men
Reduces erective dysfunctions due to aging, stimulates sexual activity, improves testosterone levels, improves hormonal balance, increases the production of sperm cells, reduce anxiety and stress, reduces impotency due to long terms medications, resist fatigue and improve blood circulation.

Formula 193 Ginseng Candy benefits for women
Stimulates sexual activity, helps reduce symptoms of menopause, helps alleviate menstrual pains, promotes hormone balance, increases stamina, raise energy levels, resist fatigue and improve blood circulation.

Ginseng had been in existence for over thousands of years and is widely used by Chinese Sinsei. Essence of Ginseng (Ginsenoside) is effective to help treatment of physical weakness, resist fatigue, strengthen the heart and is unique in regulating the blood pressure in a person. It is also effective in helping to treat neurosis, menopausal complications, activating cells and resisting ageing.

Maca is widely found in Peru and South America. Although the same as Ginseng which had been in existence over thousands of years; it only became popular worldwide towards the end of the 20th century. The Peruvian had for centuries, being using Maca for strengthening of physique and in aiding fertility problems. With 55 types of active nutrients found in Maca; it is no surprise that Maca or also known as Peruvian Ginseng is consider as a national treasure. Two main active ingredients in Maca are Maceaene and Glucosinolates which are known to promote vitality. It is also known to able to regulate hormones, estrogen and prevent prostatitis in men.

Method of Consumption : Take 1 or 2 candy a day or as and when required.
Suitable for : Men and Women with weak physique, fatigue, pre-matured ageing, blood circulation problem, vitality problem, etc….

Remark : Not advisable for under aged, those with heat bodies and under medication.
It is using all halal ingredients.

Each box – 10 packs x 1.5g (Each pack 2 tablets of candy)
Product made in Malaysia


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